Retaining Wall Landscaping

Professional landscaping and lawn care services can help you maintain a clean and welcoming property. The company you choose for these services can mean the difference between the success and failure of your project. Job One Lawn and Landscape has skilled and experienced experts who will work hard to ensure your needs are met. Our retaining wall landscaping services are designed to help prevent potential damage to your property, make the outdoors more functional, and add a unique touch to your outdoor space. We offer a variety of retaining wall services, including:

Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls not only support their own weight but also resist tremendous forces from soil and water. This means the walls must work much harder than freestanding walls, a factor that can result in damage to the structure. Apart from lawn care services, we also provide retaining wall repair to ensure the structural integrity of the wall. Poor drainage, unanticipated loads, and foundation issues may also cause the wall to crack and eventually collapse. When there is a problem with your retaining wall, our specialists will assess the foundation, quickly stabilize it, re-install the drainage, and ensure proper elevation. This way, your wall will keep serving the intended purpose and last for years and years to come.

Retaining Wall Installation

Installing retaining walls can be a significant undertaking, but some property owners are still tempted to take on the project on their own. However, considering the critical role these structures play, the job is best left to the professionals. Job One Lawn and Landscape offers professional and reliable retaining wall installation services. We have experienced professionals who will develop the right design depending on your landscape and ensure the wall is installed correctly. This helps to make sure that the wall executes the purpose for which it was built and helps to avoid future problems.

Depending on the level of protection required, we will use stone, bricks, timber, or reinforced concrete. Whether you are looking to have seat walls or knee walls built, you can trust us to deliver quality work, quickly and professionally. We will also make sure the wall is built in line with all relevant city codes and regulations.

Stone Wall Landscaping

Walls are a great addition to any outdoor space and can help you introduce a unique landscaping touch to your garden. Whether it is a retaining or freestanding wall, the location and purpose will determine the size and design of the structure. We provide stone wall landscaping services to help you create the perfect outdoor environment and make your home stand out from other properties in the location. Our experts will work with you to select high-quality materials that complement the existing architecture and landscape, allowing you to set the atmosphere you desire, regardless of whether you prefer a modern or rustic look.

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Job One Lawn and Landscape is a professional company with years of experience in the industry. Our experts pay close attention to detail to ensure our landscaping and lawn care services meet our clients’ needs. We also provide a variety of landscaping services, including porch step repair, exterior improvements, and more.

We proudly serve homeowners and businesses throughout New Jersey, including:

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