Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Job One provides year round exterior grounds maintenance contracts for commercial clients which include the following services via annual or multi-year contracts. We want to save you and all of our clients money, time and energy with one stop shopping. A partial list of seasonal services are listed below.

Welcome the end of winter and the beauty of a fresh landscape.

Spring Care

A great time for a general spruce up from the winter and the start your property’s care cycle.  Start by cleaning up the landscape as soon as the snow is gone.

  • Plant annuals “seasonal color” installations.
  • Planting bed maintenance (edging and weeding throughout the growing seasons.
  • Apply herbicides “weed control” before seeds sprout, if you use them.
  • Cultivate your shrubs and landscaping plants.
  • Apply fertilizer to everything.
  • Add mulch if the old layer is getting thin.
No time to sit back and relax. Well, then again you can with Job One!

Summer Care

Summertime is here and there is still lots to do to make sure your landscape stays healthy and pest free.

  • Keep fading flowers picked so the plants will continue to bloom longer.
  • Check your irrigation system for efficiency.
  • Apply liquid fertilizer to plants that are not doing well.
  • Layer ground cover with more individuals, if you want more thickness.

Your landscape comes alive with color. Trees and shrubs react to the changing season.

Fall Care

Fall is here and your landscape is starting to prepare for the harsh winter months ahead.

  • Continue watering as necessary.
  • Discontinue feeding.
  • Lawn/turf aeration and chemical testing.
  • Leaf and landscape debris is removed.
Layers of frost and ice put a shiny glow on your landscape.

Winter Care

Snow, snow, and more snow!

  • Cut back all perennials for neatness and disease control.
  • Plan additional perennial and annual planting designs.
  • Dream of your beautiful and expanding landscape.

Job One offers a comprehensive Snow Removal Service.  To discover more on this service contact us or see our snow removal page.

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