Residential & Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Great landscaping is an investment. We understand that. That’s why maintaining your landscaping and property’s curb appeal is so very important.

Protecting our environment is important to us as well. So we have developed a series of principles that we uphold for our clients and their properties.
Scroll over the image boxes below to reveal the Our Friendly Landscaping Maintenance Principles.

Friendly Landscaping Maintenance Principles

The Right Plant

Plants that are suitable for a specific area have the best chances of survival, requiring minimal amounts of water & maintenance.

Irrigate Efficiently

We encourage irrigating only when your landscaping needs water. Overwatering makes your plants more prone to disease and pests.

Fertilize Appropriately

Less is best. Overuse of fertilizers can harm your landscape directly, as well as, the overall environment.


A 2” to 3” layer will help retain soil, preventing erosion and holding moisture for the right plants, while suppressing weeds.

Manage Plant Pests

Judicious use of pesticides is advocated. Overuse can harm people, pets, beneficial organisms and the environment.


Grass Clippings, leaves and yard waste are typically mulched on site. These can provide nutrients to the soil.

Attract Wildlife

Flowering and ornamental landscaping plants provide food, water and shelter to a variety of beneficial insects and animals.

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