Asphalt Paving

At Job One Lawn and Landscape, we provide a wide range of garden construction services covering aspects like driveways, paths, fences, and decks. Our asphalt paving and concrete repair services will convert your landscaping dreams into reality. Here are some of the services you can request from us:

Walkway Landscaping

Mostly, people focus on plant selections, patios, and pools when landscaping their yard. However, walkways are often overlooked, a factor that can leave you with a disjointed garden. We provide walkway landscaping services to make the yard accessible and create the desired feel. Our asphalt paving services create a durable and resilient surface with a smooth finish. We also do driveway curbing and apply blacktop sealer to protect the asphalt or concrete surface from weather elements. In case of damage, you can count on us to provide asphalt repair and driveway repair services.

Sidewalk Repair

Both concrete and asphalt are durable materials that will last for years to come when used on sidewalks. However, the surfaces will still become uneven, sunken, or cracked over time. We provide sidewalk repair services to correct these defects, effectively keeping your property safe and preserving the look of your home. When you request our services, we will not only do concrete repair but also ensure proper concrete curbing for long-lasting results. Depending on the condition of the sidewalk, we may recommend having it replaced.

Service Walks

Service walks not only improve curb appeal but also make it easy to get around your yard. When you need to have the pathways on your property, asphalt paving is one of the options you can consider. To make your space more functional and appealing, you can also choose to install a porch. Job One Lawn and Landscape will provide porch repair services when the structure gets damaged. Our skilled technicians can also handle wheelchair ramp construction to make the property more accessible. Whatever services you need, we will see to it that your service walks look great.

Elevation Changes

Landscaping has many moving parts. Land that is flat can be dull, making it necessary to create elevation changes to transform the space. We have the skills and experience required to change grades and make the site dynamic. Whether you want to enhance your space’s aesthetics or solve a problem, our elevation changes services will help you create a superior outdoor space.

Why Choose Us?

Making sure your project is completed correctly will help add to the value of your home. Job One Lawn and Landscape is a professional company that provides quality services to all clients. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and are capable of handling any project. Whether the project involves asphalt paving, concrete repair, driveway curbing, walkway landscaping, or handicap ramp construction, we have what it takes to deliver quality. We also offer backyard design services to ensure your residential landscaping project meets your needs.

We proudly serve homeowners and businesses throughout New Jersey, including:

  • Mercer County
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  • Hamilton
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  • And the surrounding regions

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