Things to Consider When Planning Your Landscape Design

Making decisions during even the smallest landscaping projects can be difficult. There’s so much to choose from! Whether or not you’re considering renovating your property with the help of professional landscaping installation services, you’re probably wondering how the pros approach landscape design. Even with our clients who’ve already scheduled our landscape design services in Ewing Township, NJ, and the surrounding communities, we still recommend taking the time to think about and plan landscape design ahead of time. Here are some tips for planning landscape design like an expert!

Consider Your Budget and Timeframe

The first step of planning landscape design is considering, then setting, a realistic budget, as well as “guesstimating” how long you’d like the project to take. While it’s normal to not know the average cost of a landscaping project, setting a budget will help you determine what you’d like to spend and how much time you’re willing to set aside for landscaping services.

Assess the Size of Your Property

Being realistic about size is key to planning landscape design that will work for you. If you’re trying to cram too much into a small space, things can end up looking crowded. Similarly, you won’t get very far with a single flower bed in an enormous several-acre yard. You don’t have to record the exact measurements of the space down to the inch, but having a rough sketch of yard size vs. the sizes of the elements you want to include can help speed things up.

Think About Users

If you’re planning landscape design for more than one person — and the people giving us a call usually are — it’s essential to think about the purpose and accessibility of the space, as well as the predicted wear and tear on surfaces like patios and paths. Are you accommodating a wheelchair user, or are messy kids and pets likely to track gravel into your house? All of these considerations are worth taking into account before you sketch out your ultimate landscape design plan.

Match the Style of Your Home

If you want to really tie your property together, consider the style of your home when planning landscape design. You don’t need to go crazy matching individual plants and flowers to shutters and siding, but having matching touches and styles can simultaneously beautify your home and yard. Try rustic elements such as brickwork if you live in a charming old house. If you have a fresh and modern property, emulate this style with clean lines and minimalist touches.

Plan Around Climate

Rain, hail, snow, sun, ice…all the forces of Mother Nature will impact your landscaping design. If you want to use the space year-round, consider the difficulty of clearing snow away from a path made of sand versus, say, a tile one. Think about rain when it comes to seating areas and any outdoor furniture. Are there spots to take shelter outdoors during weather events while still enjoying nature? 

Along with planning around your local climate, consider where in your yard the sun rises and sets. Full sun is necessary for certain flowers to bloom, while other plants prefer shade. If your plants and flowers are failing to flourish because they aren’t getting enough sun, no amount of landscaping mastery can fix this issue.

Choose Your Natural Elements

Awesome garden designs can set your landscape apart compared to everyone else in your neighborhood. Choosing unique shapes or positions for flower beds is good, but growing eye-catching plants and flowers is even better! You can also take advantage of what grows well in your area by using native plants for landscaping or save money by planning landscape design around existing shrubs and trees that have natural beauty you’d like to amplify. If you’re interested in learning more about this, the National Gardening Association website has a plants database that can be filtered by region.

Decide On Hardscaping

Picking great hardscaping elements is one of the most fun parts of planning landscape design. Hardscaping is a fancy term for man-made structures such as brick paths, gravel patches, fire pits, fountains, and anything else you can imagine. If you can’t make up your mind on what you’d like for your yard, get in touch with us to discuss some of our previous hardscaping projects or set up a design appointment. 

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