Fall Landscaping Myths That Can Harm Your Commercial Property

Temperatures are cooling down again, and many property owners believe this means they can put aside thoughts of lawn care. However, this isn’t entirely true. While some aspects of lawn care may be diminished during the fall season, plenty of landscaping tasks still need to be done to prepare the property for winter. Here, we debunk the top fall landscaping myths and give you tips on making your commercial property look great this autumn.

Myth: You Can Skip Watering the Grass in the Fall

The scorching hot temperatures of summer can do a number on your commercial landscaping, even if you had it watered consistently. Fall is the perfect time to rejuvenate the lawn and get it in good condition to survive the winter. You will want to water the yard with an inch of water per week (including rainfall) throughout the fall season. This will help the grass bounce back from the heat of summer and allow it to look bright and healthy come spring.

Myth: Once Fall Begins, You Can Stop Mowing the Lawn

This false belief has cropped up because many people are tired of mowing their lawns by the time autumn rolls around. However, if your grass is still growing, it needs to be cut. Therefore, you could be cutting your commercial property’s grass well into fall.

The grass should be kept at a length of 3 inches up until the last cut of the season. Before winter sets in, you will want to cut the grass down to 1-¼ inches or 1-½ inches to protect it from disease.

Myth: All Fallen Leaves Need to Be Raked Up

It’s true you do not want a thick layer of leaves across the lawn. These leaves create a damp environment in the fall and winter seasons, allowing mold and fungus to grow. So, you do want to collect as many fallen leaves as you can. However, consider using the “mulch” setting on your lawn mower to chop some of the leaves into small pieces that can naturally fertilize your lawn.

Myth: Your Lawn Doesn’t Need to Be Fertilized in Fall

It’s officially fall, and that means you can stop fertilizing your commercial property’s lawn, right? Wrong. While fertilizing less in the fall allows perennials to prepare for winter (rather than using energy to bloom), the grass is still growing and needs to be cared for. Fertilizing the lawn in the fall will support root growth and allow the grass to grow greener in the upcoming spring.

Myth: Fall Is a Bad Time for Installing Hardscaping

Many property owners believe that fall is too late in the season to work on the landscape design. In reality, autumn is the perfect time to install hardscaping features like a retaining wall or fire pit. The weather is mild, and the ground is not frozen yet, making digging and construction easier.

Myth: You Can’t Plant Anything in the Fall

It’s not surprising people believe spring is the only time for planting new trees or plants because it’s known as the season of growth. But the truth is that some plants do well being planted in the fall season. Autumnal conditions are mild and support saplings and plants that are more sensitive to harsh weather. Just because trees are shedding their leaves and summer flowers are dying doesn’t mean you can’t add new plants or trees to your commercial property.

Commercial Property Landscaping Maintenance in Fall

Now that you know the truth about fall landscaping, you can prep your property for winter and have a beautiful lawn when early spring begins to bloom.

For all of your commercial fall landscaping maintenance needs, turn to Job One Lawn and Landscape. We’ll keep your property looking beautiful all season long! If you would like to schedule an appointment or have questions about your landscaping design, contact us today.

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