How Hardscaping Can Improve Your Commercial Property

A good first impression is not just for people in the dating scene; it also applies to businesses competing for consumers’ attention. A lackluster property could lose customers and clients to companies that create more visually appealing exteriors. Incorporating hardscaping features into your commercial property can increase customer interest and maximize earning potential.

Hardscape features include pathways, patios, gazebos, fountains, and small bridges. With a variety of manufactured structures to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a way to boost your company image and reputation uniquely. Below, we dive into some of the ways hardscaping can improve your property.

Bolstered Brand Personality

Business owners understand the importance of taking advantage of all marketing opportunities. Unfortunately, some have failed to realize how their commercial landscape can be one more way they can highlight their brand personality. 

Hardscaping can showcase a business’s unique offerings and invite customers and clients to explore their business. For example, a fountain could promote your spa’s soothing atmosphere before customers step inside. A stone patio could exhibit your restaurant’s hospitality. Whatever your business offerings are, your property could benefit from a focus on hardscape design.

Additional Gathering Spaces

A hardscaped area on your commercial property makes the best use out of outdoor spaces. It offers more places where employees can work and clients can meet. 

Working all day in an office can get stale for employees. A change of scenery allows them to have a fresher perspective and a reinvigorated mind. These hardscape spaces also give them a place to relax and hang out with their coworkers on their breaks.

Seating areas with wooden or stone benches and tables can provide beautiful places for employees to meet with customers and for clients to wait for appointments. Water features in these areas can also help clients feel more comfortable and open to ideas.

To make these gathering spaces even more visually appealing, your professional landscaping company can incorporate plants and floral arrangements in an eye-popping way.

Improved Accessibility

Businesses that are accommodating to all lifestyles are often more highly regarded than others. You can make your commercial property more accessible by installing concrete walkways and bridges over small bodies of water. These hardscape features can also make it easier for employees, guests, and clients to navigate your land without having to go way out of their way, such as walking around the pond rather than over it. Hardscaping can help everyone have a more pleasant experience on your property.

Increased Business

Commercial landscaping that is disorderly relays the message that the business itself may not be very organized or good at managing clients — whether this is true or not. As we mentioned earlier, a customer’s impression of the business’s property can significantly affect their decision to do business with the company. This is why business owners should invest in hardscaping services. The right hardscape features could encourage customers to engage with your company.

Enhanced Sustainability

Some hardscapes are permeable, meaning they will absorb rainwater and allow it to seep into the ground beneath it. If you install this type of hardscape, you may be able to get a higher LEED score for your business. This rating could then lead to more business from environmentally-conscious clients and customers as well as attract employees, investors, and partners.

Boost Your Commercial Property Value with Job One Lawn and Landscape

Your commercial property represents your business as much as the building does. Don’t let this space go to waste. Instead, install hardscape features to boost property aesthetic and value.

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